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How to order Refresh batteries



<On the Web>


1. Search for a battery and order

 ・Search for Correspondence list Click the correspondence list, and you’ll move to the maker table (the button on the left side of the main screen).Then you’ll see the product list, or click the maker on the Refresh battery’s screen.

  *If you can’t find a model number, click here.


 ・Put the product you want into “cart” and order.



2. Order confirmation e-mail

 ・Order confirmation e-mail will be immediately delivered automatically.

 ・Tell us when is convenient for you to pick up the old batteries.

 ・Only PC address is acceptable.



3. Packing and Sending

 ・We’ll pick up your ole battery by a delivery service that has contracted with our company on the requested date.

 ・Fill your name, telephone number, and address in a C.O.D. slip.

 ・Use Sagawa Kyubin to send C.O.D.

   (You’ll need to pay for delivery charge if you use other delivery services)

 ・Print “Order confirmation e-mail”

Fill out all the necessary things and attached it to the old battery.

 ・Please warp and park the old battery by yourself.

    *Click here to see how to pack



4. Payment

 ・Bank transfer or C.O.D.

 ・Please pay in advance if you pay through the bank.

   (Our account member is written on the order confirmation e-mail)



5. Notice of completion e-mail and shipment

 ・We’ll be ready to send your battery back in 7~12 days.

 ・We’ll send you e-mail after completion.

 ・You’ll receive a notice of sending e-mail.

 ・Then we’ll send a Refresh battery to you.

 ・In the case of a bank transfer, we’ll send out after we get a receipt of money confirmation.



6. Battery arrival

 ・After you receive a notice of delivery, you’ll receive the Refresh battery in 1~3 days.

 ・Pay cash to a deliverer on C.O.D

    (Please pay C.O.D. charge.)



<Order by fax>



 ・Request form estimate of the battery Refresh(PDF)

 ・Order form of the battery Refresh(PDF)


~Use Guide~

Delivery Charge – Free (except OKINAWA and isolated island・・・We’ll charge \1,400)


Delivery Date - We’ll return the Refresh battery in 7~12 business days after receiving the old battery from you.


Payment method - bank transfer・・・we’ll send you an order confirmation e-mail. Please pay the amount of money to the account written on the order confirmation e-mail.

(We’ll ship it after confirming the payment)





Note for placing an order



Battery model number(バッテリー型番確認方法について)

 ・Find the model number written on the label of the battery.

 ・If you can’t find the model number, see the list of the battery model number or call us.

 ・If we receive the in applicable battery, we have to send it back to you and the delivery charge must be paid by you.



Battery Refresh delivery date(バッテリーリフレッシュ納期について)

 7-11 business days will be needed.

  (It may be shorter or longer by the various situation.)

 ・Depends on kinds of batteries, condition of the deterioration, or condition of the control base.

 ・We’re unable to correspond individual delivery date.



Cancellation after we receive the ole battery(リフレッシュ申込後のキャンセルについて)

 ・We can’t cancel the order because we start refreshing the battery immediately right after we receive.

 (We‘re unable to put the battery back to the same condition that was the initial condition)

・Please let us know before we receive the battery if you want to cancel the order.



Appearance of the battery (バッテリーパックの外観について)

Please understand the points below about the refresh batteries.

・some scratches may remain by opening a package.

・We’re not going to respond any complaints, returned products or compensation about any changes of appearance of the battery.

 *If there’s something wrong with the function of the battery, we’ll handle it.



Defective battery(リフレッシュ不可バッテr-の修理について)

 Some batteries may be defective due to control circuit failure. If it’s impossible to get it done, we’ll not refresh the battery. We’ll send it back to you after reassembling if you need it.

・Please choose “Return” or “Dispose” in case of the defective battery when you place an order.

 *It doesn’t cost you if it’s a defective battery.

 *We’ll refund if it’s unable to refresh.



Guarantee of the battery(バッテリーリフレッシュの保証について)

A Six-month guarantee

・Let us know in case of defective batteries.

・Repairs during the guarantee period are free.

・With a built-in control circuit or unexpected equipped parts become outlived, we may ask you to pay for additional charge.

・We’ve taken out PL to cover any kinds of accident.

・Our service is nothing to do with any battery makers. You’ll not receive any service and guarantee from makers after we refresh your old battery.



Please notice the following cases are not under guarantees.

(See the details the prescribed from of the quality guaranteed.)

・You ask a maker directly to repair without contacting us.

・Incorrect use, repair, or remodel.

・Something wrong with the indication of the remainder.

・Deterioration with age of all the parts.(except the battery)

・Any changes of the appearance before and after refreshing the battery.



Notice of sending battery(バッテリー発送の際のご注意)

Be sure to pack carefully.

・Pack with shock absorption.

・See the notice how to pack a battery.



System of the Refresh battery(バッテリー再生リフレッシュの仕組み)

Replace the defective battery with a new one.

・Good cost cut

A Refresh battery will cost only 50~70% of the new battery. Its performance will be much better than a new one.

・We’ll use the newest battery, so the battery capacity improves.





Comparison Graph of battery capacity


New battery                3600mAh

    Defective                   300mAh

    After refresh                5200mAh



Changing only the second battery cell discharge less than it produces new battery packages. We also bring the old one which is taken in a recycling process through a specialized supplier.


Even battery of the sale and support end, some models may be able to refresh. Please feel free to call and ask us.



A  Production Process(作業工程)

①Take the case apart (the case and circuit board will be reused)


・Inspect the board, important parts and protect circuit


②Take the old batteries out

・Take the battery cell and circuit control

・The old battery cell will be recycled by recycling manufacturer


③Replace with new batteries

      ・Connect the circuit control and new batteries

      ・Inspect the movements


④Put the case back

   ・Clue the case

      ・Inspect before shipping


⑤Packing and shipment

   ・pack carefully and send by delivery service














Q:How can I place an order?

A:Search the Internet for the product or the battery model number. Click the button “Add it to a cart” on the product page.


Q:Can I order by phone or fax?

A:We don’t take the order by phone. If you want to order by fax, please click here to download the ordering form.


Q:Can I order from overseas?

A:Limited order only for JAPAN.


Q:How much are the delivery charges?

A:It’s free (except OKINAWA and isolated island)

   We’ll charge you delivery charge if

    ・you want the defective battery which unable to refresh

    ・you send the inapplicable battery

    ・you can cell by your personal reasons



Date of delivery(納期について)


Q:How long will it take delivery date?

A:We’ll be ready to send it back to you in 7~12 business days.

*Please regard these days as a standard. Thank you for understanding that we can’t give an individual response.


Q:Is it possible to deliver on a specified date or time?

A:Basically the delivery date or time cannot be specified.



Making documents(書類作成について)


Q:Can you make out a receipt?

A:We’ll issue a receipt if you need. Enter “Need a receipt” into correspondence column on the order page. Also enter “address” and “provisos” if necessary.


Q:Can you make a written estimate, statement of delivery and invoice?

A:Yes we can. Enter “ Your company name” and “Need ○○document” into correspondence column on the order page.

Guarantee and returned products(保証・返品について)

Q:Does the battery have a guarantee?

A:Refresh the battery has a three-month guarantee. Please call us if there is something wrong with the battery and we’ll fix it for free under guarantee.


Q:Can I return the battery?

A:No, unless the battery is defective. The defective battery will be replaced. Call us if there is something wrong with the refresh battery within 2 weeks after the battery arrival.

It will be out of a guarantee if the scratches or damage made by you, 2 weeks past after the battery arrival, or you lost any attachments.



Battery Refresh service(バッテリーリフレッシュサービスについて)


Q:Which battery is possible to be refresh?

A:Lithium ion battery / Nickel cadmium battery / Nickel metal hydride battery


Q:What’s the deference between the used battery and refresh battery?

A:The used battery uses the same cell. The refresh battery has been changed into a newest cell so that it can perform much better.


Q:Why is it that performance improves than a new battery?

A:Because we change it to the latest cell along with the performance of the PC improving.


Q:Is the refresh battery safe?

A:Refreshing battery is carried by the expert. We have taken out PL insurance (100 million yen) for just in case.


Q:Is the quality stable?

A:Yes. The batteries we have have been passed through the quality control of the major battery maker. Quality guaranteed.


Q:How is the appearance after the refreshing?

A:It may have some scratches or a little damage on the appearance because we need to open the case which isn’t supposed to open.


Q:Does the Refresh service apply to PSE?

A:No. We’re only replacing the batteries, not producing.


Q:Can you refresh the battery even it has opened the cover?

A:No. Once the cover has opened or damaged, we can’t refresh it any more. Please remind that we can’t refresh any batteries unless we open it by ourselves. If you send such batteries, we’ll send it back to you and you need to pay for the shipping expense.


Q:Can you refresh the battery which unable to recharge or discharge?

A:①Yes. Most come under this type, but we can refresh them.

    ②If the control circuit is trouble, we can’t refresh the battery. If a fuse cut, we’ll change it with no additional charge.

  *We’ll not do the service only for fuse exchange.


Q:Does a computer work without batteries?

A:It’s possible for lap top computer to start up with an adapter. Be sure to save the documents before unplug the outlet.


Q:Is it OK to use refresh batteries right after I receive I receive?

A:Please charge the battery after installing it in the equipment. Charge the battery at least 6 hours by booting the equipment.

Some batteries display of the remainder may not return normally, however it’s not under a service guarantee.



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